Now, no longer need to sell your home first to buy a new one.

For Trade RE / MAX, where you have the opportunity to exchange your home with thousands of customers who seek the same.


For Trade RE/MAX

A Bolsa de Permutas RE/MAX é um segundo canal de venda onde poderá comercializar o seu imóvel sem impedir o processo “normal” de venda.

How to search listings For Trade RE/MAX?

To choose the characteristics of the property you are looking to go to our "Advanced Search" and choose the ones that suit you best. To find the properties For Trade must select "For Trade" in the "Property Category"

What are the benefits of For Trade RE / MAX??
  1. Multiplies the possibility of exchanging your property. On the For Trade RE / MAX has thousands of customers who want to exchange with you.

  2. Solve the problem "To buy, have to sell first." More security, tranquility and fewer questions because the exchange is a simple process.

  3. Savings on taxes: you onlypay IMT by the price diffferece between​​ the listings..

  4. The For Trade RE/MAX will be promoted through relevant marketing campaings (radio, TV, Press and ATMs). So, your property will have more chances to do businness.

  5. It benefits from a technological system that will "match" the needs of our customers, or just put your property on the For Trade RE/MAX and our system will find a customer who wants to deal with you.

  6. Maximum benefits from the professionalism of our agents, they will work to find the best solution for each costumer. 


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The RE / MAX knows that what we want is not always easy to achieve. So thought a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to sell and buy home: For Trade RE/MAX

For more information contact your agent RE/MAX or one of our offices across the country.

For Trade RE/MAX. Everybody wins.