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The housing market is undergoing a profound transformation. At RE / MAX we believe that this transformation is a great opportunity that can only be exploited if we use a set of very specific tools and techniques.

The first question of who creates a business is whether your investment will return. The first question a franchisee RE / MAX is knowing when will the return on investment.

We are present in Portugal since 2000, we are proven market leaders with more than 280 branches and 6,000 agents.

The Independent Agents and Agencies, are a force to create your own personal business, within our Network. The RE / MAX gives its franchisee the opportunity to create their own business independently but simultaneously, with the support of a consolidated structure and tools to guide you in your business, based on a system of cooperation and sharing, which promotes the achievement of business where everyone wins.

The tools of Franchising RE / MAX are based on the pillars of business:

- Brand

- Advertising

- Network

- Technology

- Training

- Management Model

With management models, a vast network and using technology tools to support management of the business, the RE / MAX model ensures a successful and profitable independent based on a concept of success over 40 years of experience.