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5 Tips to help you sell your home:
  1. Put stronger light throughout the house
  2. Set the table for a tasteful dinner
  3. Put a new carpet in the entrance hall
  4. A smell of clean create a care environment
  5. Get all personal photos
 5 Tips for Choosing the real estate agent:
  1. Good personal and professional presentation
  2. Showing a presentation file
  3. To present you a monthly report
  4. Which features a market study
  5. To submit a marketing plan / schedule of activities
 6 Tips for Choosing the real estate agency:
  1. A known brand is critical
  2. Dealing with all the bureaucratic process
  3. Presenting the service written
  4. Qualifying / identifies customers
  5. Who has clients in portfolio
  6. That has an agent working for you exclusively